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View PHOTOS from our past tours

Click on http://China9a.SmugMug.com to visit our online photo site. Use the current password of "FeiHu" (Chinese Pinyin for "Flying Tiger") to "Unlock the Site" and then ENTER as a Guest. [NOTE: This is NOT a Login (shown in the upper righthand corner) which is only for me.] Then Click on "Let Me In" which will lead you to many top albums under which are many sub-albums and galleries.

Click on the top album tiltled "Our Annual AMERICAN AVIATORS *VIP* Tours of China" to find sub-albums by year - the latest one is first. Most photos are contributed by our past clients and are found under their names. There are other top albums with sub-albums covering the Flying Tigers Historical Organization, the Flying Tigers Guilin Heritage Park and Museum, and the Re-enactment HUMP Flight - as well as Larry's special United Airlines Retirement Flight (2+ hours with friends and family in a B747-400 on Jan. 6, 2001) among others.
...................I hope to add a link soon to my YouTube site so you can view video clips of interest on both the Flying Tigers and our China tour.

VIDEO (10 min.) played on 2017-03-25 for the Dedication Ceremony celebrating the arrival of the C47 "Buzz Buggy." Opening scenes show the 2015-03-28 Dedication Ceremony for the Grand Opening of the Flying Tigers Heritage Park and Museum in Guilin, China. The video is now run on a loop in their museum. Click on: https://youtu.be/1QcBO-IopcQ

Here is another but longer YouTube VIDEO (45 min.) that tells the story of the Flying Tigers: https://youtu.be/sRjo0J5ebb0 "They Flew for China" by UKTV.

Armchair tour of the new Flying Tigers Heritage Park & Museum of Guilin (Linghui County)

The following site features 360 degree views and tours of the Flying Tigers Heritage Park & Museum of Guilin. Click on http://www.expoon.com/20237/

First, it should load and open automatically; but if not, click on the round icon to enter the site and then let it load up.

Look for the translucent white circle with 4 squares at the bottom left to display the lineup of the videos and click on it. However, if you do nothing, it will proceed to play each 360 degree tour in order, advancing slowly and automatically. You can jump ahead and click on #7 where the actual park and museum tours begin in order to start the automatic viewing from there and bypass the first 6 aerial drone views of Guilin city and Linghui County. Then then let it work its way through all the rest automatically and continue through to the end (#28).

You can cancel the pleasant music and/or pause the movement by the two icons in the lower right-hand side. You can also go full-screen by clicking on the set of 4 outward-pointing arrows on the far right near the top.

Each 360 degree tour segment has yellow arrows to lead you to the next views (and red arrows lead you back out). IF you want to control the action instead of letting the automatic viewing function instead. Clicking on a red light bulb gives you a drop-down menu with photos beneath the verbiage.

There are 4 drop-down tabs at the top right. The first one includes still photos from the park and museum. The other 3 are articles written in Chinese.

Note - on the first park & museum tour video (#7) - of the entrance - you will see 2 small blue & white open book icons - click on each to see the brochure and pamphlet (the resolution is poor and NOT very readable) - turn the pages as indicated.The hours of operation are found on the back of the brochure but it does not specify which days might be closed.  China has made all museums free for their citizens but many are closed on Mondays and holidays. So far this museum appears to be free admittance for everyone and it is getting a LOT of interest and traffic by local residents, tourists and school groups.

There are still many articles and artifacts to be added to the museum. This site only scratches the surface of the many wonderful sights outside and in; nor can it show the many wonderful audio/visual aids throughout (old newsreels, interviews, animated dioramas, etc.); nor can you get a proper tour of Gen. Claire Chennault's HQ and Command Cave - a restoration project that the Flying Tigers Historical organization is still trying to fund-raise for in order to show it in its proper, more-original WW II appearance when it was in full use. One must see this park, museum and cave in person to truly appreciate the honor and tribute paid by the outstanding efforts of the people of Guilin and Linghui County, China.

Below are the exterior plans for the mostly glass-walled building being built now to house "Buzz Buggy" and am guessing they will relocate both the WW II HUMP Flight history and the story of Buzz Buggy from the 3rd floor of the museum to the new building once it is finished. They expect to open and dedicate it on March 30th of our upcoming March 19 thru April 6, 2019 tour.

PUBLICATIONS (Newspaper and magazine articles about the China tour, the Flying Tigers, and the HUMP Re-enactment Flight of 2016)

AIR and SPACE Magazine (Smithsonian) - 2017 OCT/NOV issue:
Please CLICK HERE to view a .pdf copy of the HUMP Reenactment Flight of AUG-NOV 2016 article which was their FEATURE article for that issue.

In Flight USA:


We have a small number of DVDs and VHS videos still available for LOAN showing the 2004 tour to China which was our very first VIP version of our annual China tour. If you'd like to get a greater feeling for what one of our VIP tours to China looks like, call us to arrange for one (please specify DVD or video) to be mailed to you for a short loaner period (subject to availability). Purchase is also possible - just call.

This two-hour work was filmed, assembled and narrated by our good friend of many years, Ramona Cox (aka, "Skychick"), who was on her second tour of China with us. She is an accomplished pilot in her own right and lives out her dreams every day. She is a frequenter presenter at Oshkosh showing other pilots how to fly-camp and work online from anywhere. She has appeared as a feature speaker at many other events and has had many articles written about her and by her as well as a new book she just had published.
To learn more about her or to book her as a speaker, visit her website at www.skychick.com. This is Ramona Cox (aka "Skychick") sitting in the Little Eagle 500 prototype in Shijiazhuang in March '04:

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Attention 2005 Tour Participants (and others???)

The 2005 Tour DVD filmed and assembled by our good friend and fellow retired United Captain, Keith Godbey, is still available for ordering! The DVD was been created in the new wide-screen format (16:9 instead of the old 4:3) but will play fine on all the old standard sized screens. The DVD contains just under a half hour of footage and music without narration, focusing on the Flying Tigers as the centerpiece of our tour of China. Keith does admit, though, that it includes plenty of blackmail material as well. He is charging an insanely low $19.99 per DVD. It will be shipped via DHL.

Contact us if you wish to order a copy.

Suggested Reading
(I will be adding to this section periodically)

1. One of our favorite Flying Tiger books is "Longburst and the Flying Tigers" - an autobiography written by the late Jim Dumas, Sr. who served in the first group of the 14th Army Air Force to arrive in China to replace the original AVG Flying Tigers being disbanded about seven months following the entrance by the US into WW II. Jim wrote this alone and unaided and it is truly a good read as he is a very talented writer. You really get to walk in his shoes. Jim was especially privileged to fly wingman for Tex Hill, probably the most famous Flying Tiger of them all (more about him in the next section).

Below is also a photo of Jim taken in July 2005 before we launched on a flight over Yosemite and the High Sierras. Incidentally, he had not lost his touch on the controls of an airplane! Jim was a Flying Tiger living in in Chowchilla, CA where he once served as its mayor. He wanted to go on our China tour every year but for his doctor's advice. He had the distinction of being the first pilot from the 14th AAF to set foot on Chinese soil as he reported for duty for the 23rd Fighter Group. As he told it, he was the first one to step off the C47 when it landed in China! In his book he tells you how he got the nickname "Longburst" and it occurred right above that field and cave outside Guilin that we visit each year with special government permission - and now the site of the Flying Tigers Heritage Park & Museum.

To order your own copy of Jim Dumas' wonderfully written autobiography, "Longburst and the Flying Tigers," I am still trying to find out who is handling his remaining copies follwoing his death in Oct. 2009.

2. Another favorite Flying Tiger book is "Tex Hill, Flying Tiger" which is also an autobiography, written by the late Tex ( we lost him in 2008) with the aid of his oldest grandson, Reagan E. Schaupp. Not only was Tex probably the most famous Flying Tiger of them all but served in both the AVG and the 14th Army Air Force. He was a triple Ace and had been awarded both the Distinguished Service Cross and the Distinguished Flying Cross with 4 oak leaf clusters. You can read more about him and order his fabulous book from his website: www.texhill.com

3. My personal favorite book about China in general is "Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China" by Jung Chang and is both autobiographical and biographical as she tells the story of her grandmother, her mother and then herself as they grew up in 20th century China all set amid the tremendous changes and political upheavals that continued to unfurl. It is available on Amazon.com, among others.

4. A "must-read" is "The Rape of Nanking" by the late Iris Chang which documents and describes the most brutal massacre of the Chinese people by the Japanese in 1937. Bitterness continues today because there is yet to be either an apology or and admittance by the Japanese government to these atrocities.

I plan to create a downloadable .pdf list of MANY other great books on the Flying Tigers to add to this page in the near future. Larry and I have each read well over 100 books on this subject and never tire of learning more.


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